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Drought Omelette


Once long ago, whilst I was still traveling along a river in Egypt over my
hairline (tell me you got that!), I told a friend "No, the barber cuts it this
way!" to which he replied "So you go to your barber and say 'make me bald?'?"

Somebody check my punctuation there.

My point is on top of my head, but my OTHER point is that if you're allergic to
eggs, perhaps don't order an omelette!

What's that have to do with our drought problem? Well, not much, but I thought it
needed said.

It has become obvious, however, that Mother Nature has some sort of rain allergy
when it comes to NW OK. Two pretty darned good (Okie to English translation:
"really nice") rainfall events across the state have managed to skip the NW
corner of the state and the Panhandle. Right, NW OK and the Panhandle should
always be differentiated, per requests from the Panhandle. Just take a look at the
30-day rain totals:


The areas that have missed out on both events this month are very conspicou...
conspicyou...obvious. It becomes even more obvious when we look at our 30-day
departure and percent of normal maps now vs. before the last rainfall.





Ugh, that ain't pretty. And I should know, I look in a mirror everyday. Even
more ugly? (I HEARD THAT)! Even more ugly? Our before and after consecutive
days without at least a quarter-inch of rainfall maps.



So when we see that new 5-day forecast rainfall map, we are once again
thankful that there are colors at all painted on our state. But, we do need to
spread those lighter blues and purples up into NW OK (and the Panhandle!).

By the way, do you know what color hiccups are?


Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
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