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November 29, 2023  November 29, 2023  November 29, 2023  November 29, 2023   

Remember when it rained?


YOU may have gotten rain where you live, but I haven't seen a good rain in 483 

Excuse me? *I* exaggerate? 

Well it's drizzled, sprinkled, snowed, hailed, sleeted, dusted, tornadoed, 
blowed (work with me), graupeled, baked, melted, AND cherry Pop-Tarted at my 
place, but no rain.

Okay, I DO exaggerate, but as you can tell for most of the state, November has 
been a dud precip-wise. That's why tomorrow's storm system is so important. The
snow forecast--meager as it was--appears to have evaporated, but still hopeful
for some decent moisture from this storm. 


It's not a lot for May, but it is for November. It's also been cold, which for
drought purposes is something of a boon (English to Okie translation: a good
thing) since it helps limit evaporation from the soil. Check out this statewide
average low temperature graph from the Mesonet for November thus far. Started
out cool (It was Halloween-time, so of course it was cold), got really warm 
for the middle of the month, then a blast from winter for our cold mornings. 


That's not gonna last, of course, as we talked about yesterday. 


Now some folks actually like it to be cold. They're a very strange people...
they also prefer Cheez-Its over Cheese Nips. Strawberry milk to chocolate milk.
And we KNOW what kind of Pop-Tarts, don't we? 

That's okay. It will get cold again. Heck, it's cold right now for crying out


Whoa, that IS cold. Wait a week...

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey