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A Very Non-Turbulent Ticker

Today, the Ticker focuses on one of the most exciting facets of
modern-day meteorology. That's right, it's time to talk about
nighttime cooling! (cue brass band)

Okay, okay ... maybe the topic isn't "sexy", as they say in the
entertainment biz, but it's worth a look once in a while.

Here's a map of three-hour temperature changes taken from 2:00
this morning:

And here two maps of the weather conditions during that period:

The most significant cooling of the three hour period occurred in
the area of the calmest winds during that period. Way back in
weather school, they taught us that light surface winds meant low
horizontal turbulence, which meant little mixing, which meant a
tendency for more rapid nighttime cooling, especially with clear
skies. And that's exactly what we saw last night.

And if you can't get excited about that, what can you get excited

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