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May-be we'll get lucky


Well that was interesting, and we dodged another May bullet. That week of 
unsettled weather brought some severe weather, but let's face it, it could have
been worse. There were a few tornadoes, but it looks like they'll be rated in the
weak category. There was hail (of course, that's our MO this spring) and high 
winds, but probably more flooding than anything. The totals above show a "nice" 
77-county rain across the state. I use the term "nice" loosely, because as per
usual there was too much in eastern Oklahoma and not enough across the west. I'm
betting the far western Panhandle is less than happy today. And we still have 
significant deficits across western into north central Oklahoma at several time





But I'll be darned if it doesn't look like we'll get out of May without a major 
outbreak of tornadoes. I know the jinx effect I've had on trying to get warmer
weather in here and to stick around (obviously that isn't working), but there's
only a week left in the month and storm systems are looking pretty scarce over
that time. We have a few more days with rain chances then it looks like we'll
see an early preview of a summer ridge. Hard to call it a "death ridge," where
precip chances go to die, but it's close. Rain chances are already dwindling
rapidly across western Oklahoma ahead of the ridge's arrival, as the large 
upper-level low that brought us our exciting weather pulls off to the northeast.




If we can get out of May with less than a dozen tornadoes, that's a win. But we
still need rain across western Oklahoma. June battles May for the wettest 
month supremacy, so there's still time to beat the summer doldrums. For now, 
however, we'll see a warm up through next week as rain chances start to 

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253