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December 6, 2016   December 6, 2016   December 6, 2016   December 6, 2016    

That's not a front. Now THAT'S a front!


You mix "Frozen" with "Game of Thrones," what do you get? Cold fronts with bad
intentions. That's not to say this first "preliminary" front isn't cold. It's 
definitely a teeth-rattler out in the wind with wind chills down into the teens
to the NW. Heck, actual temps are in the 20s up that way.  


But alas, whilst this first front is a more whimsical (not really!) view of winter,
something more dark and foreboding approaches from farther north. Now you can see
my rudimentary attempts at front locations on that crayon-ish map. Yes, the first
front is just about through the state, and yes, there is an even more powerful
cold front plunging south through the Northern Plains. Here's an official surface
weather map to give you a better idea.


You've seen the wind chills with my first map, and here are the actual air 
temperatures with that second front. 


Man, Florida looks nice right about now, don't it? Well, this will be a 49 state
chill. Hawaii misses out, Alaska is getting (or already gotten) theirs, and 
Florida's time is coming. 

Just watch as the purple hoard invades from the north over the next 72 hours,
courtesy of PivotalWeather.com and the GFS forecast model. 


Keep watch to the Mesonet maps around noon-ish tomorrow in the NW and await your

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253