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In rememberance


Waaaaaa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Sorry, that's the only way I know to spell out taps
(other than "taps," of course). In my case, might as well spell it wahhhhhhhhh,
because I'm crying over spilt cold air. After a fantastically warm weekend (don't
complain about the wind...that's EVERY day in Oklahoma), another cold front has
barged in uninvited, taking us down to where we should be in March. Heck, later
this week we'll be back in late February, for crying out loud. For now, we 
remember our fallen 70s and 80s. 


We had a freeze up in the Panhandle (told ya, didn't I?), and with the wind 
blasting at over 30 mph in some cases, our wind chills are down right winterish. 



It's bone dry behind the front, but we will see rain chances later today down 
across SE OK, and then more rain chances tomorrow night through the weekend for
most of the state. The bigger totals will be across SE OK, probably, but 
everybody has a chance to get at least a little. Not exactly a huge bounty for
this time of year, but it's better than nothing. 


We'll see another cold front around Wednesday that will keep us cool(er) 
through the weekend to complete our descent back to earrrrrrrrly spring. I would
expect multiple freezes up across the Panhandle, and maybe the far reaches of
northern OK off and on over the next 5-6 days. Might see a freeze in the 
Panhandle the next couple of nights, then one in far NE OK a day or two as well.

This is our Friday, April 16?? 


And this has become a painting for yet another week. 


And if this outlook for the weekend and next week comes to fruition, don't count
on adding to that map for awhile. 


Okay, now I'll play my version of Taps.

wahhhhhhhhhh wah wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253