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Hey, I was told there would be no math involved...just looking at clouds and 
stuff! And even though we just had 1 trillion, 214 billion, 581 million, 744
thousand, 802 gallons (approximately, going by gauge depths) of rain fall on 
Oklahoma in the last 30 days, I know not everybody will be satisfied. 


Because of this.



So the haves and have-nots that we saw a scant two months ago have somewhat 
switched sides. And the have-nottieness (which is much better than have-naughtiness)
gets even worse out to 60 days (as does the trillions of gallons of water.




And that's why if you're the official drought-tracker for the state of Oklahoma
you're both A) incredibly handsome (I HEARD THAT!), and 2) seemingly ALWAYS
busy. You know the refrain...if eastern Oklahoma doesn't get significant rainfall
in the next couple of weeks before we enter summer, well, it won't be pretty. And
while there are some rain chances this week, they're not widespread like we've
seen out west the last couple of weeks, anywhere in the state. 


Nor are we looking at any radical change in the temperatures, which remain 
close to seasonal norms for this time of year. 



And there's still no sign of big heat showing up anytime soon. Just more rainy
weather, and more than likely mild. 


So watch for those rain chances this week, very much in the summer-like storm 
mode. They're liable to build right over ya, rain 2 inches not moving, and then
do it all over again once that storm dies down. 

The Ticker's off for the next couple of days (yeah yeah yeah, we've already 
told that joke before you can..."Isn't the Ticker always off? Just a little?")
So enjoy our continued spring, which is very non-springy for Oklahoma in that
it is very springy. 

Get it? 

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey