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January 14, 2021   January 14, 2021   January 14, 2021   January 14, 2021    

High Fidelity


Sometimes we hate to be right (we don't), and it does happen quite a bit (it 
doesn't), but the wind that we worried about has certainly made its presence
felt (it has). Winds have gusted up to 60 mph already up in the far northwest, and
those winds are headed to the southeast eventually over the next two days. 


We were wrong about the direction...not much in the way of strong southerly winds.
These are all screaming from the north. That's given rise to our expected 40-60
mph winds over the next two days, so batten down the hatches, don't spit in the 
wind, don't take any wooden nickels, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,
and it will probably poop on your hand and you'll have to wash it with Lava brand
soap, and then your hand will turn red and hurt and you won't be able to go 
outside to get fresh air to make yourself feel better because it will be too
windy. See?

The fire danger is quite high today and tomorrow as well, remember. 



Who would burn today? A MADMAN, that's who! At any rate, it's not going to be
pleasant for man nor beast the next two days, so be something else until 

We saw a bit of movement on the droughtscape this week, as the moisture from 
New Year's continues to get incorporated into the Drought Monitor. Nothing big, 
but we did erase some extreme drought in the far western Panhandle. 


We are seeing some indications of a possible cold air outbreak across the North 
American continent down the road as we get later into January. It is showing 
up, sort of, on the CPC temperature outlook for that third week or so, later
into the final week.


I see the spread of the Arctic Oscillation forecasts are starting to trend pretty
negative, which is an indication--simply speaking--of a weakening of the jet
stream up north, meaning it could *kink* and result in a blob of arctic air
being vomited into the U.S. ("vomit" is a good word, because that's what I feel
like doing when I see more cold air headed our way). 


Something to look forward to (it's not) as we get closer to that last week of 

We have to get by this wind first, before we can get back to more wind, because
unfortunately, wind is what we do best. 

It is.

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253