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Record Minimum 50 F WIST 2004
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August 12, 2022    August 12, 2022    August 12, 2022    August 12, 2022     



I'm pretty sure I said that watch out for the forecasts of lots of rain and cooler
weather, because that's not really how droughts and heat waves work...persistence
is often the key until you get widespread and emphatic pattern changes? Well, if
I didn't I'm saying it now. I really expected a bit more from next week's 
becoming-more-muted pattern change. It does look like we will get a cool down for
several days, although the 70s--and even 80s for some areas--look farther and 
farther away. Thursday looks to be the coolest day, so hopefully these 80s hold.


But here's where the hope lies ("lies" is not prophetic, we hope!)...this glorious
rainfall outlook is for the period directly after that 7-day forecast, so it's 
moisture is not including in that dismal picture with Clint grumbling for Mother
Nature to get off his lawn. 


We're definitely way out there in fantasy-cast land when we go out that far, but
we'll see what happens. Speaking of heat waves, 86 years ago was our 
last-hottest day when Altus his 120 degrees on Aug. 12, 1936. We haven't hit 
that mark since, and we're not going to get close this year, but just a reminder
that it can still get hotter than Hades this time of year. 


We don't need no 120s...100s are enough.


It's okay to get angry. So go pull your pants up past your belly button, cinch
your belt to it's last notch, and go out and scowl at the clear sky!

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey