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August 19, 2019    August 19, 2019    August 19, 2019    August 19, 2019     

Vote for Summer!


Kip may have slayed Debbie with that little quip, but the laughter is starting to
fade around these parts. The forecast above shows little mercy for Oklahomans
impacted by heat, including the strengthening flash drought across western 
Oklahoma; soon to be coming to southeastern Oklahoma if significant rains don't 
arrive. So watch for more triple-digit temps across western Oklahoma, and 
triple-digit heat indices across much of the rest of the state. Our customary 
heat advisories are out again today for values from 105-115, much like we saw



The fun doesn't end there, of course. We DID get some relieving rains Saturday
night into Sunday, and again last night. Unfortunately, it's Oklahoma, so when 
you get rain, you will often get the nasty stuff to go along with it. So these
amounts are good in some cases, and better than nothing in others.


Look at Altus with 2.12 inches! Too bad it wasn't more widespread. But even 
more bad...the 92 mph winds that went along with it Saturday night. And more 
severe winds as the storms marched east into Sunday morning.



More rain is on the way, at least. The bad stuff with it? Well, again, it's 
Oklahoma. But we'll take the rain nonetheless, mainly Tuesday night through
Thursday, but a bit of a chance through Saturday. It's not much across the 
southwest, but better'n nothing!


AND a nice cooldown. Probably won't last long, but as with the rainfall, we'll
take it. Check out Thursday's highs. 


After such a slow start, we now have a full-fledged Oklahoma style summer in 
progress. Remember, most of this started in July!


Okay, new tactic. Vote for Autumn.

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253