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July 16, 2024      July 16, 2024      July 16, 2024      July 16, 2024       

You can't handle the heat!


Yes, yessssss...hear the song in your head, all day today and FOREVER!

(Insert evil cackle here) 

Wait...I'll do it: "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

I have no clue about Mother Nature anymore, other than to say sometimes, she
can really come through. There was that one day back in 2009...that was the last
time, but get ready...one more day of summery armageddon (hey, Summery Armageddon
was my band's name back in the Peace Corps!) and then we're gonna get at least a 
week of normal to below-normal temperatures, and chances of rain. I've been 
Tocking about it for over a week, and for the 3rd time in my career, I'm gonna
be right! Don't laugh...that's at least a 0.012% success rate. Again, though, 
today's gonna be a doozy. 



But what a ride it's been so far in 2024...already on pace as the 5th warmest
year on record in Oklahoma dating back to 1895, and this summer hasn't helped.
These are only the actual air temps...don't forget about the horrendous heat 
index values from June!



So you have all that heat and humidity today, add a cold front, and you're just
asking for trouble. Could be some big storms later today into tonight across
northern Oklahoma. Maybe they can sneak farther south.  As per usual for summer,
severe winds will be the primary hazard, although there could be some big hail 
as well. 




Wait, don't despair! There will also be good rain chances to soften the blow
(the blow of 60-80 mph winds). 


Aaaaand, the chances of good rains going forward.


Not bad for July, no?

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climate Survey