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April 21, 2014     April 21, 2014     April 21, 2014     April 21, 2014      

Glub glub!

Not a toad-strangler, at least not as of this morning, but more glorious rain fell
over the weekend. Some parts of the state that have needed the wet stuff terribly
for quite awhile finally got a nice drink of water as well. And the good news is
it is still raining in some areas! Look for the greens on this map to see who
has received the most so far. 

Notice down in Jackson and Harmon counties the radar/gauge estimated rainfall
colors indicate some folks received more than three inches, possibly. A very small
band, perhaps, but somebody got a bunch of rain down there. Also, Ketchum Ranch
led the state with 2.23 inches in the gauge, so Stephens County folks also 
received some very nice widespread rains. Those most out of luck appear to be
far northern Oklahoma, although as I said, there is still rain moving through
the state. Maybe they'll get a bit in awhile, but it does look like things have
moved to the east up that way. 

And if you missed out this weekend, there might be some more coming your way
in the middle and latter parts of the week. As usual, be on the lookout for 
severe weather. 'tis the season, as they say!

We are still seeing some hefty amounts on the 7-day moisture forecast, although
keep in mind some of that stems from this morning's rainfall chances. 

As I've said all along, there isn't really a reason to expect a dry spring
this year, so maybe Mother Nature is FINALLY coming around to our side and
we can smash some drought before summer arrives. Looks good this week, at least.

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253