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September 26, 2016 September 26, 2016 September 26, 2016 September 26, 2016  

30s in the Panhandle!

Quoteth the Ticker, last Thursday: "I'll bet we see a low in the 30s in the 
western Panhandle Monday morning."


BOOM! How do you like them frozen apples! About the only thing I forgot was to
add a low in the 30s in the eastern Panhandle as well, but Kenton, Eva and Beaver
all got into the 30s with the former two hitting 37 degrees. Then there was a 
mixture of 40s to 60s to the SE with Broken Bow coming in with a summer-stubborn
70 degrees. Now before we go to gaga over those 30s, they're only about a month 
earlier than when they normally start to see upper-30s for lows out that way. The
average low for this time of year is 49 degrees. 

And our promise of rain worked out pretty well for most folks, save for that cold
NW and warm SE. In between those areas there was a good swath of 1-3 inches, with
a bit less and a bit more hear and there. 


We will continue to track the impacts of that rainfall on the drought picture and
adjust accordingly this week. Hopefully we can erase lots of those ugly 
colors on the U.S. Drought Monitor this week. Now we're faced with a lovely 
week of fall weather, getting slightly warmer, before a front closer to the 
weekend will give us another chance of rain.



A generally "boring" week other than that. Enjoy the sunshine, and no, I'm not
quite giving up on this prediction from Thursday either: 

"Fifty bucks we haven't seen our last 90! Fifty bucks more says it'll be 

Well, maybe I'll hedge on that last one. 

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253