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July 29, 2021      July 29, 2021      July 29, 2021      July 29, 2021       

Mugly again


You know the old adage..."When life gives you lemons, you make ugly dog memes."
Summer is up and at it again, fully emboldened by my jinx of it two weeks ago.

Wow, kiss your mother with that mouth??

Don't worry, the next cold front is still on its way, scheduled for Sunday-ish,
which should give us quite the welcoming cool down after a couple of weeks of 
TRUE summer. 





In my own defense, I never knew you could still order the Frito Chili Pie at 
Sonic even when it was off the menu. But also, I never wanted 3-4 straight 
months of unbearable heat. Remember 2011? I just wanted a week or two of good
old fashioned blast furnace, so we could have a bit of intra-seasonal variety. 
Now we will truly appreciate that cold front. The only problem with my jinx
is that due to all the rain we have in the previous months, all that heat comes
with too much humidity (hence the MUGLY heat index forecast). Heck, if we shut
the heat down RIGHT NOW, it'd still be considered a really hot day.


It would appear that while we will get back up close to seasonal norms after 
our cool front, we do stand a chance of at least staying a bit below those
seasonal norms. 


After that, I'd say count on some heat. Never trust August, the month where 
mild Oklahoma summers go to die. 

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey
(405) 325-2253