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Only  you...


Ever have a bear put a shovel upside your head? Well, I have and it's not a good
feeling. It was either that or eating Taco Bell after midnight. Whichever it was,
let's just say I learned my lesson. Let's hope we don't learn any lessons today
about how to stay safe during days with high wildfire danger. Here's a primer or

Yeah, "Do NOT" indeed! And you might as well keep these tips in mind because
the fire danger isn't going away anytime soon. It will wax and wane (and we all 
know how powerful that can be, although I prefer waning to waxing), but remain 
until otherwise indicated. *Maybe* later next week. 


Today's fire danger is in the Extreme category, second only to "Historic." Again,
no historical lessons today, please. Pretty standard early spring setup with
a dryline and then a cold front passing through, bringing winds of 50-60+ mph,
RH in the teens or single digits, and lots of dry fuels out there. Here are 
explanations of today's fire danger from our friends at our local NWS offices.




And here's the information from the folks that actually have to fight these 
fires, the Oklahoma Forestry Services division of the Oklahoma Dept. of 
Ag, Food and Forestry. 


So get ready for lots of lip-crackin' dry air in your face today, and maybe 
a handful of grit and dirt as well. 



So let's follow those wildfire safety rules...all part of living in Oklahoma.

Gary McManus
State Climatologist
Oklahoma Mesonet
Oklahoma Climatological Survey